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Sidewalk Samaritan's mission in its simplest form is to directly aid and provide necessary items to the homeless of New York City, while indirectly inspiring others to look to their own communities and find ways to assist those in need. It's easy to walk down the street and ignore those in less fortunate circumstances, but everyone deserves to be seen and given the same basic human rights and civility we all expect in our own day-to-day lives. Our organization hopes to create a web of generosity that expands past the walls of your home and onto the streets that others call home. 
Every small act of generosity is one step towards making New York City a place where our sidewalks are defined by kindness and where lending a helping hand is the norm and not the exception.



Anita Keller

Annette Nielsen

Aurelia Mikles and G-III Apparel Group 

Beverly Kerr 

Bombas Socks

Choir Choir Choir NYC

Dana Carney

Donna Pedano Roberts 

Empowerment Plan

Fordham Law School 

Helen Pires


Jalopy Tavern 

Linda Maness

Local UPS drivers of South Bronx and Harlem

Matcha Energy 

Nancy Griffey

Pace Cares 

Rebecca Sparks

Rosemary McEwen

Sheila Odessey 


Support the Girls 

The Undies Project Inc. 

Thomas Greenfield

UP Church of Hebron 

Valerie Coj

Walmart Community Grant 

Zoe Borghard

And EVERYONE donating clothes, shoes, supplies and their time and support! 



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